Monday, September 29, 2003

Hello readers and bloggers ! I assume you have come here to see what I have to offer up to the Great Blogging Challenge 2003.

For those of you who only read my site- (Everyone, wave to my mom! Hi Mom!) Last week, Gwen put forth The Great Blogging Challenge, aka GBC, asking me and about 6 other people to write an entry every day this week. We compiled the topics last week, and- in theory- we will all be putting up a new entry every day in an effort to breathe life into our (well, I’ll only speak for myself, so) MY sadly neglected weblog.

[HINT TO MY MOM: If you click on the white words above, (they become red and underlined when you run the cursor over them), you will be taken to Gwennie’s web site and the site she created for the GBC, which links to Alissa, Jason, Kelly, et al. Call if you get stuck.:)]

Okay, first topic on the table-

My Fictitious Weekend (What Could Have Happened, But Didn’t)

I woke up Saturday morning and discovered that my double bed with its poorly-attached, bockety headboard had turned into a lovely king-sized bed with a white, shabby chic sleigh headboard (Crate and Barrel or similar).

As I padded into the bathroom to put in my contacts, I realized that I had perfect 20/20 vision, and miraculously- my eyes were the same bright aqua color they have been for the last 12 years, only WITHOUT the artificial assistance of the colored contacts.

Bright-eyed, and no longer nearsighted, I skipped to my apartment door, ready to do the Softshoe Dance of Terror with my pets, in which Bella wraps her leash around my legs, Keystone Cop-style, while trying to yank me down two flights of stairs, thus enabling my cat to run around, under or between my hopping, flailing legs and escape into the hallway to rub his white head on my neighbors greasy bicycle chains in the foyer while I’m out walking the dog.

Then, I realized! Suddenly, I live on the ground floor! And, best of all- Fred has decided to retire his “Incorrigible Imp-Kitty Dashes Out of the Gates of Hell” routine once and for all, in favor of doing something normal, cute and catlike, like… sleeping in a circle with his head upside down on my never-noticed before window seat. Yay!

Meanwhile, Bella had somehow learned to carry her own poop bag home like Raven the Seeing Eye Dog School Drop-out. As I walked through the ground-level entrance to my apartment, work called to say that the Pul!t!zer Judges Panel called. The picture story I shot last week about the St. Gabe’s Festival Ferris Wheel was unanimously declared the finest piece of photojournalism ever seen. Then, realizing that no one else’s photographs could ever top the striking composition, technique and emotion captured in my award-winning entry, they decided to reinvent the craft of photojournalism to give someone else a chance.

They also said I can shoot whatever I want, whenever I want, and in the meantime, they are perfectly content to double my salary and pay me to sleep in my lovely new king-sized bed.

The end.

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