Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Following the theme of that last post, I'm watching Bravo, and a yeast infection commercial was just immediately followed by one for Red Lobster... and the spokeswoman chirped, "welcome to the world of crab!" which gave Stephen the heebee jeebees, so now I have the couch to myself. Whee!

Although, ya gotta love the boy who spent the day playing with my dog and installing a new sturdier shelf for my plants while I was at work. AND he eats the orange popsicles when I frankly prefer the cherry and grape ones for myself. And he got cast in a show that starts up right after Midsummer Night's Dream ends, which is so good.

Moving on!

I ended up at a teen pool party tonight. Did you know that that annoying country-esque Cotton-Eyed Joe song has become a group dance with specific steps, like the Macarena or the Electric Slide? And when it came on- they were the most excited about it, more than any other song... And then when i was trying to get the names of the "cannonball boys" - the guys who can't think of any other way to get the attention of the tween girls- they messed with me, changing names and sh*t, and then one of them canonballed ME, completely dousing my camera, which they are d@mn lucky didn't short out, although we'll see what happens in the morning when the water I couldn't reach in to dry has time to corrode the electrical connections.