Wednesday, July 02, 2003

And another previously delayed entry: :)

Anyway, y’all, I’m so sorry about being bad at blogging these days! I’ve had a billion entries running around my head that I have been meaning to put on here. Blah.

But! I have found a dress to wear to Heather’s wedding! Rah! I got it in a store that I – actually- only went into upon Amanda’s suggestion, what with her being the bargain shopping diva of the world. :)

I got my dress at Torrid, which sounds naughtier than it is. It’s actually a Larger-Sized Person’s Hot Topic, owned by the same people and everything. So, my fabulous dress to wear to the wedding is made out of black crushed velvet with a lace-up whalebone corset that I’m going to wear with ripped fishnet tights. And jelly bracelets with a Hello Kitty purse and a safety pin through my eyebrow.

NO! NO! Totally kidding. That is absolutely not what I am wearing, just kidding, and no offense to people who do wear outfits like that, because I had a friend in college who wore that very thing all the time and she was lovely in it. And Steve’s friend Meghan wore a dog collar with her bridesmaid's dress at Beth’s wedding, AND she was only out-accessorized by the man in the bridal party in the same (or similar) dress, so it was fine.

No. Torrid also sells a handful of very fun vintage-y sundresses as well that are sort of 50s ish and cute and swingy. The dress I’m getting is black with white polka dots that is partly reminiscent of Lucille Balle and al little like Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman” in the polo match scene where she’s wearing the brown dress, you know, with the cute hat? Well, I don’t have a hat, but I also doubt that Richard Gere will tell George Costanza that I’m a hooker, either, so what can ya do? It has this crinoline bottom bit that I might remove, but overall, the effect is one part quirky to two-parts elegant, so I think I can pull it off. AND Torrid sort of makes up their own method of sizing; in which case, I’m a size 2. Whee!

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