Tuesday, March 27, 2012

We're All In This Together

The children's theater I shoot for is doing "High School Musical." The music is catchy and cloying and just a little bit irresistible. I'd never seen the original 2006 movie version until tonight, but I did see Zac Efron on Ellen last week. Ellen basically said that "Glee" would not have been possible without High School Musical. Now I that I watched in on Netflix? I gotta say... yeah. Pretty much.

I'll also concede that the Disney lab-created line of genetically engineered child stars do look like they're having a lot of fun. Also? I really want to eat creme brûlée now. Just sayin.'

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Things I've Been Incredulous Toward Joel About in the Past 20 Minutes While Watching Shit on YouTube

1.) The Hobbit Trailer

Joel: Wow, Tolkien really knew where that story was going.
Me: Um, yeah?
Joel: I mean, I saw a lot of things that I know from "Lord of the Rings."
ME: That's the nature of a prequel?

2.) Purim costumes

Joel: Wait, that guy's name tag said, "Mordechai!"
Me: Yeah, he's kind of a main character in the story?
Joel: Why are those guys dressed up as astronauts?
Me: You can be whatever you want. That guy's dressed as Harry Potter.
Joel: I forgot.
Me: You are a terrible Jew.

3.) The location of Yeshiva University

Joel: I know where this was shot! These are the Palisades, on the Jersey side of the bridge. This part is in Manhattan!
Me: Yeshiva University is in New York, dude. ::googles:: Yeah, they're on 185th Street.

4.) The prevalence of acapella groups in general on college campuses
Joel: (watching more Maccabeats videos) They're really good.
Me: They are.
Joel: Is this just at this college?
Me: Um, no. Acapella groups are, like, a thing. All-guy groups are total chick magnets.


Joel: Are acapella groups at every college?
Me: Um, yeah.
Joel: Like marching bands?
Me: ....

Joel is forbidding me to post this unless I make very clear that he knows who Mordechai is, (except he thought he was Esther's brother.) My in-laws total need to get their Hebrew School tuition money back. Now he's taken my iPad away. :( *Frowny face*

Happy Second Night of Hanukkah, everybody. We're not really celebrating until tomorrow, when my mother-in-law, Role Model Shiksa V1.0 is making latkes from scratch. Yum!

Friday, December 09, 2011

I want to go home.

I have this... quirk. Shocking, I know, even more shocking than my randomly updating this blog that I've let languish for a full six months. :)

Sometimes, when I'm very tired, or sad, or want desperately to stop working, I will say, out loud, "I want to go home." I may in fact be home when I say it. Since I work from home, it's quite likely. I might even say it while sitting on my own couch. It means I want things to be simpler. I want to relax. I want a feeling of safety, of familiarity, of security. I want to go to Lancaster; I want to stay here all at the same time.

I am sad because this happened two years ago today. I don't even know what I want to say about it, just... I want to go home.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Way outside my comfort zone

I'm changing a lot of things up in my life and in my business. It's hard. I am way outside my comfort zone. Ultimately, these changes, I fully believe, will make me more profitable and less stressed. Six months from now I will look back on this time and say, "Wow. That was hard but I'm soooo happy I did these things." But being a better businesswoman- not someone who is a pushover, with true consistency in my life- is a worthy goal. But right now it's so hard.

I'm workin' through a lot, and it's all consuming. That's where I've been. If you're still here, then thank you.