Monday, November 08, 2010

One More Night in Varanasi

...and then I head back to Dehli for the wedding marathon. These past few days have been fascinating, with an 18-hour train trip and striking out on my own. If I were to write a memoir about the experience, we could call it "Shoot, Sweat, Poop," (instead of Eat Pray Love) but truth be told, it feels a bit isolating at the end of the end when I crash, shower and edit photos. Mind-blowing but isolating.

If you're reading, could you please leave a comment and say hi? Although we've been in touch via text, I haven't heard my husband's voice in almost 11 days. Woe is me, I know. Oh, I'm off on this amazing adventure whine whine whine. The only all English thing on TV worth watching is "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas." Profressor Lupin is a compelling and creepy Nazi. Cheerful, no?

Please say hi, and tell me what you're up to. Divorce proceedings? Wedding venue booked? Rally for Sanity? Miss you guys..


Lauren said...

I'm saying hi! And I love your blog! And I read it right away, every time it shows up in my Google Reader!

Does that help?


Becky said...

Hey, I'm still reading! I skipped the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear, even though I live here, because I hate crowds.

I can't wait to see your photos. :)

shannon said...

I'm here.
And sick.
And planning epic birthday parties for girls who are not possibly turning 2 and 8 very, very soon.

Miss you.

gwen said...

Hi! I'm here, in the public library, pretending to work on this pseud-grant-proposal-whatever-it-is, catching up on Google Reader -- just read your last few posts all at once. There is no lonely like "by myself a million miles from everything" lonely, but it will end soon and we will be here waiting to hear more stories about this totally amazing experience of awesomeness.

Alissa said...

Hi. I'm here, too. Rallied to restore sanity. It was awesomely fun. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas was sad. That was a movie that stuck with me like most don't. I notoriously forget all movies as soon as they're over, but not that one. Blargh. Looking forward to seeing your photos, though!

Judy said...

Hi, Mom here. All is well in E. Pete. Sending love your way. Watch out for roving bands of monkeys which is the top security issue for Pres Obama in New Delhi!
Miss you!
Love ya!

DAD said...


Did I tell you how much I love you today?

I love your insight to India and look forward to seeing your photos.


Amanda said...

I'm reading too! All is going well in this part of the world. Well, at least no tragedy this week. Loving your blog and I can't wait to see pics!

Julia said...

We're reading your blog and it's fabulous! We're also we're stressing about wedding venues. Read the email I sent to your Angela address ASAP if possible. It is already a bit outdated, so if at all possible we need to talk to you before you get back to the states... can we connect somehow ASAP? ;)

Anonymous said...

Reading and you are such a rockstar! It sounds like an incredible experience, and I bet your images are amazing.

Don't beat up on yourself about missin' yer sweetie while you're traveling, ey? There's something amazing about getting to share incredible life experiences with your partner- you are sharing your lives, after all, and the two of you travel and shoot together so... all I'm saying is I know how it is to go somewhere INCREDIBLE and well, yes.

Over here- all sorts of photo booyah- shooting two cameras yesterday in sunny North Carolina...and found out what, "chiggers" are.

take care!

PS- no skype?!?

Lesley said...

Hi!! *waves* I cannot wait to see pictures of this glorious pilgrimage. And I can't wait to hopefully see YOU again soon, missy!