Thursday, November 18, 2010


Two and half years ago, Joel and I set a wedding date, put down a deposit and felt all self-congratulatory at our planning prowess until..... (cue Psycho shower scene music) I realized that College Roommate Jo couldn't be there because she'd still be finishing her semester in grad school. So we cried and fought and scrambled and cried and tried to get another couple to switch dates and then- ding!- everything fell together with fairydust and sweetness and light. Yeah, in the end we changed our wedding date for a friend, because she was just that important.

One blog comment, two rapid-fire phone calls from India at $4.99/minute, one silent bout of tears on a train through Uttar Pradesh and a reported SIX newly engaged discussion/fights of, "Should we? No. Well, wait...what if?" and in the end, two very good friends ended up changing their wedding date. It suited them better, moved their event to the venue of their dreams and ultimately got another engaged couple out of a jam as well, but still... They did all of that, in no small part, for me.

What goes around comes around, and in my case, it's a heaping dose of humbling gratitude and friendships worth calling halfway around the world for at midnight, between another groom in a turban arriving in a horse-drawn carriage followed by a generator truck nearly side-swiped by a moped avoiding a cow.

In case I forget to say it another hundred times: Thanks, you guys.


Julia said...

Wow those friends sound awesome... just like you. Guess wedding miracles really do happen! 9.24.11 - the countdown begins...

Luke said...

We definitely used up our karma on this one. We're going to be reborn as mosquitos now. Please don't swat us!

Seriously though, can't believe how well it worked out. The couple that switched with us deserves most of the credit! But it's going to be a blast and I'm so glad you'll be able to make it...