Monday, February 01, 2010

Somebody is One!

Joel and I drove down to PA for Kayla's first birthday party on Saturday. Oh, this little girl has captured my heart.

You know, I sometimes hear young parents worry about whether or not they will love their second child as much as their first. Invariably, after child #2 arrives, they find their fears unfounded.

Between Kayla and Aiden (helping blow out the candle partly for the excitement of it, partly because he's a protective older brother preventing the baby from burning her fingers) I can pretty much say I will never have that fear. These two have taught me well. Love only multiplies; it never divides.

Must remember when I am a mother: when most of the guests are gone and goody bags distributed and the birthday girl is sleepy and sweet in her footie pajamas, ask the person who stayed to help clean up if she wants to snuggle with the baby.

Kayla went from grandparent to aunt to high chair to present pile all afternoon long while Kristen hostessed and served and refereed and distracted and chatted and played. And yet, in one of the first quiet moments of the day, when she finally had her sleepy and contented daughter all to herself, she turned to me and asked if I wanted to squeeze in a cuddle before we got on the road. I put down the sponge I was using to clean up frosting in a heartbeat, but not before thinking to myself that this was one of the most selfless gifts to anyone given all day long.

Note to self: be THAT kind of mom.

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