Thursday, February 04, 2010

Ollie By Golly

It's 2:43 a.m.

I should 1.) edit this video package about an international custody battle 2.) work on Heather and Dan's wedding photos 3.) change the channel or 4.) go to bed.

But my cat Ollie is cuddling with me. I can't get up or find the remote without disturbing him. So I sit here, with a cat purring like a motorboat and tucking his head upside down in the palm of my hand when I stroke his ears.

Even though I can't reach the camera or the hard drives I need to work and I'm stuck watching Cindy Crawford hocking an anti-aging serum made from a melon that grows in a "remote region in the south of France," this is better than sleep.

Thank you, cat, for your perfect trust in me. I will never, ever hurt you. You are warm and safe and loved, and even though people say you're a lucky cat for following me home, what they don't know is... I'm a lucky human. Good night.

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