Friday, May 15, 2009

Hi. I'm alive. I'm just boring.

Hi everyone. Sorry posting as been light lately. All is well, I'm just kind of boring at the moment.

Summer is suddenly right around the corner, and I am about to get very, very busy. I'm presently in a kind of a holding pattern, the calm before the storm of High Wedding Season. What can I tell ya? Yesterday my car got a tuneup, oil change and tire rotation. Most of my camera gear is currently getting the same treatment at Canon headquarters. See? Boring.

Also, Joel and I are going to Hawaii in July with my parents, sister and brother-in-law. My mom and my sister have really taken charge of the planning, which I was happy to sit back and let them do, since they're total Hawaii-philes. Joel and I aren't really all-inclusive resort people; we're more adventure vacation types. My sister and my mom have done a really good job of planning a combination of stuff that's simultaneously relaxing and adventureous.

Joel and I are seriously considering doing Lava Roy's Ocean Adventure Tour, which seems like the best chance we'll get to shoot liquid lavafalls where they flow into the ocean. But then I found a bunch of threads like this one on, which essentially feature a bunch of posters running around like panicking Smurfs (The link takes you to a YouTube video; the Smurfs panic 32 seconds into the clip. See what I mean? That's what the message board is like. Totally.)

They're all, "Collapsing lava shelf" this! and "You could get boiled in hot ocean water" that! I ran some of it by Joel, resident geologist, who was like, "Those posts are from a long time ago, the lava flow is completely different now" and "Some of that sounds like sound science; I have to do some research."

The bottom line is... we still really want to do this. We also don't want to die. What do you think? It's been a while since I posted a poll --------------------->


Alissa said...

Hrm. That's a tough call. You know I'm probably a little biased, being an adventure vacation person myself.... my first response was to point out that Lava Roy's website says the minimum age requirement is 6, which makes me think "hey, how bad could it be?" But then I read some of the trip adviser comments and can see where your concern is coming from. I don't know. My inclination would be to try to talk to someone who actually did it. The people commenting on Trip Adviser are all people who have heard about it, seen it from the air, etc. I didn't see any negative comments there from people who have actually taken the tour.

Michael said...

My assessment is that there is more risk driving back to the hotel in the dark after a long boat ride than in the boat ride itself.

Go for it.

Jason said...

Go for it!! (says the guy who jumped out of a plane)

michelle said...

Wait until you get there to decide, says the woman who has been to that volcano and was THOROUGHLY disappointed because the lava flow was not in a place where we could have seen it from anything but a very expensive helicopter ride while we were there.....and we didn't pay for that. The lava flow is so unpredictable, just wait and see what is going on while you're there :)