Thursday, January 22, 2009

Much to tell...

In short,

1. The things I was worried about- Depends, ninja face mask- were the least of my worries. (I didn't drink anything; no problems there.) Almost all of the security officials- customs agents, DC police, snipers- were all wearing them, as were many photographers and anyone who probably owns a motorcycle. If anything, being dressed that way made People Who Mattered's eyes skip right over me.

2. I achieved all of the goals I set for myself, including getting a shot of The Man himself. Granted, he's behind the tinted, bullet-proof windows of the presidential limo, but it's him and he's not on JumboTron, and besides, AP ran an almost identical photo.

3.) Shannon was seriously being tongue-in-cheek about her daughters (DAUGHTERS! PLURAL!) putting me off kids. Once I had transmitted everything- including 70+ photos, a live teaser clip for the web and a full video package- I had about three hours to play with the nieces-of-my-heart.

I played like Christmas morning whipped together with Disneyland and 6 Flags. I read Shel Silverstein poems to Gaby while she was in the tub, gave Sack of Potato rides into bed, spent plenty of time Liking To Shout, and administered three Serious Words. Katie had lots of pictures taken, a plot summary of the first three seasons of Lost while trying to burp, and one round of Oklahoma Baby Chicken Hat. Birth control? Hardly. I wanted to steal them. :)


Lo Lo said...

Cannot WAIT to see the photos! I looked for you on TV, but you know, there were a lot of people there. ;)

michelle said...

Will you be able to post your photos here or can you provide a link to the newspaper's website so we can see them?