Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Party

On Saturday, Joel and I celebrated the second round of Christmas with our friends and their kids in Queens. No one has seen me since the Great Jack o' Lantern Blaze, because I am a Workaholic/Hermit/With Out-of-State Family Commitments.

Oh, but we had fun, though. This particular group of friends has the most delightful system of gift-giving and wish lists, all of which are managed via spreadsheet and distributed and updated diligently so you pretty much end up getting actually what you want, plus Paul makes his own home-brewed raspberry cordial, which is served in yummy little chocolate cups. Good times, good times.

Baelin is more little boy than bebe these days. He's at that stage where he's more delighted with torn wrapping paper than presents. He doesn't quite get the whole Christmas thing yet, and grabbed the first present that was opened and carried it around. Unfortunately, the first present of Christmas '08 was Melanie's Piranha Panic, and she was a little distressed to see it walk away almost immediately.

It's okay, I said.

But he's taking it!

He's not doing it to hurt your feelings, Mel. He's still little. It's your present. It's okay. He'll be old enough to understand soon.

But when he's old enough, he won't let me boss him around anymore!

Aw, that kid, she cracks me up. She regaled me with tales of first grade, tap class, the Tooth Fairy and her "Melanie-Kayla BFF Forever!" cheer. At one point in the night, we were watching a Christmas Carol. I had Melanie snuggled under one arm, and Baelin cuddled under the other, each with their new fleece blankets. Then I slipped in a food coma- oh, the amazing food!- and dozed off entirely for the Ghost of Christmas Future part. Ah, well. He's the lame ghost anyway. I mean, really. He doesn't even talk, just points all creepily at like, swirling fog, and graves, and stuff.

Do I have a photo of me with the cuddly munchkins? No I do not. I DO have one of me waking up to find Joel standing over me with my camera while Ebenezer Scrooge ordered a passing child to buy the largest Christmas goose at the butcher shop for the Cratchett's on the TV in the background. Because I am nothing but a whore for laughter at my own self-deprecating expense, I'm going to show it to you. Because I'm generous like that. Are you ready?

Niiice. I look PRETTY.

Then I got up and ate a piece of chocolate pudding pie. God bless us one and all. :)

You can see the rest of the photos here.

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