Friday, April 25, 2008

Wedding Planning Weekend Kickoff

A couple weeks ago, dooce posted a funny clip from Man Touch Woman, a British sketch comedy show, about the generally stereotypical way men act when they're sick. Joel and I have taken to sarcastically calling each other "poor little bunny" in bad British accents when one of us feels like crap. Good times.

College Roommate Jo was here for a few days, and after we caught up on all the important stuff (men, work, auditions, friends), we resorted to cracking up over YouTube. Ah, old friends.

I'm heading home for the weekend to meet with the lady who will be driving Bella to and from the Hershey Gardens in August (yeah, the dog is in the wedding party) and drop some things off with the florist. I'm also taking a load of all the wedding stff etc I've accumulated over the last few months. In the spirit of the weekend, I give you three "Man Touch Woman" sketches about marriage and one about a dog.

The dog video is a hilarious commercial for a Volkswagen sold only in Europe. I guess the point is that the dog feels confident enough in the car to sing, and he's singing under his breathe in line at the bank. Yeah. This is one of those things that I find hilarious. You might not. But you might! Sing it with me: I'm a man! Yes I am! And I can't help but love you so!

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