Tuesday, February 05, 2008

SuperBowl Selebration

Best. Fourth Quarter. Ever.

How funny were these commercials?

And, of course, I'm exactly the target demographic girly sucker that the Clydesdale-in-Training commercials were designed for.


shannon said...

The guy that caught that final pass? Ernie, Richie, Sylvia and I went to high school with him.

Joel said...

Plaxico Burress?

shannon said...

Yup. :) Ernie, Richie and I graduated at the same time he did. We've got another friend who used to play pick up football with him in the streets when they were kids.

Jillian said...

Or the worst fourth quarter ever. To be sadly replayed time and time again... the city was so quiet on Monday, it was bizarre-land here.

Michelle said...

It was so AWESOME! I wish they had a camera on some very crowded bar in Boston so we could've seen the deflation take place live!

My dad is a life-long Giants fan and I had to call my house to make sure he didn't have a heart attack when Eli was almost sacked and then made the most amazing play in Superbowl history. I get all excited just thinking back on it :)

Lo Lo said...

Okay, so I live in Boston, and I swear it hasn't been that quiet since the Yanks beat the Sox in 2003. The people here take their sports so literally that like half the workforce took Monday off to recover from their grief, I kid you not.

BUT since I am a native New Yorker, I was cheering with the like five Giants fans that I could find. It was definitely one for the record books. And the five of us Giants fans made a pact not to brag or be poor winners, even though it would have felt SO good to do so! True champions are CLASSY and let the game speak for itself. :)

cindy w said...

See, I am so completely football-ignorant that my reaction to the Superbowl was, "hey, what time does the game start? I'll bet I could go to Target then and there won't be any crowds." (I was right, there weren't.)

Although my sister informs me that the Mannings are from my mom's hometown of New Orleans, and both Eli and his dad went to Ole Miss, so you know, go Giants! Or something.

Thanks for posting the ads. I am such a Rocky freak that I immediately recognized the "sad" music at the beginning of the Budweiser commercial. God, but I am a dork.