Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hello, Darkness, My Old Friend

I like to think of my own Personal Great Depression as a thing of the past. I take my Happy Pills, try to ignore the fact that I play Russian Roulette with food three times a day, and for the most part, I'm okay. In fact, I have moments with Joel when I look around at our weird little canine/feline family and think I've never been happier.

Oh, but when work stress (bye, several favorite co-workers who made my daily life so much better! have fun in your new careers!) meets wedding anxiety and everything starts churning in my gut, it's all aboard the Crazy Train, every line express from Pleasantly Neurotic to Annoyingly Troubled. Mind the gap and tug the eyebrows!

People joke about how handy it is to have two lawyers in the family, and it's absolutely true. My sister waves her fairy godlawyer wand, and voila! Wedding contractors, dodgy drivers, suck on that! Oh, yeah? Well, my brother-in-law will see *your* power of attorney and raise you a legal kick-in-the-pants! Ha!

If you already have lawyers in the family, however, I highly recommend talking one of your friends into becoming a psychologist, if possible. If they're up for the self-imposed poverty, hours of practicum and years of riding the dissertation carousel, I say, bravo. And thank you. :)

Alissa: Well, there's your answer, no matter how much you don't want to hear it.
Me: Is there a workshop I could go to?
Liss: Probably.

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