Monday, January 14, 2008

Hide n Seek


Michelle said...

I always look at pics of my two kitties, or other people's pics of their pets, and I think about how I want to come back as a house pet in a family like yours :) (if reincarnation exists)

Carl said...

Do you somehow coax your animals into adorable poses? Or do you snap 50,000 photos trying to get the 2 or 3 good ones?

Judy said...

Adorable Granimals of mine! But where's Fred?

Chunky Photojournalist Barbie said...

Carl, it's kind of a combination of taking a lot of pictures of them- not quite 50,000, but close- and the fact that I have the cameras (yeah, plural) at the ready pretty much all the time anyway. So when they do something adorable, it's pretty easy to get the photos I want.

That said, Ollie was naturally curled up in the pillows like that. I was originally thinking about sending a photo to with the caption "To the Cat Cave!" or something similar. Then Bella started pawing at her face for a few seconds. I think she just had an itch on her nose, and I snapped the photo of her. It looks like she's hiding, but in reality, she was itchy. So... yeah.

Michelle, I often have the exact same thought about reincarnation! I think being a beloved family dog would be the BEST. On the other hand, I think being an abused and/or severely neglected pet would be just about the worst kind of hell imaginable, since there's nothing the animal can do to change its circumstances or surroundings.

Mom, the cute answer would be to tell you that Fred was hiding, and they hadn't found him yet. In reality, he was in the other room, probably plotting ways to keep his evil genius hidden under the guise of alarming stupidity. ;)