Saturday, September 22, 2007

Work-y Work, Busy Bee

No time to update. Doing many tedious projects. Save-the-date cards more like Save-the-Date Minimedia kits of excruciating complexity. Fun to design, less fun to execute. Cat eats ribbon. Had to pull out four feet of ribbon like horrible gagging feline magic trick. Hate.

Fancypants website almost ready to launch. So pretty! So detailed! So sucking out lifeblood.

Out late last night with police officers and state liquor authority busting illegal dive bars. Received illuminating education re: local prostitution. Girls (not women, GIRLS) being bussed in from the Bronx due to surplus of johns. Right before my eyes. Got footage. Have found next big picture story project.

Covering funeral of murdered mailman in 9 hours.

Sleep. Sleeeep. Sleeeeep.

EDITED TO ADD: The funny commercial Michelle is talking about in the comments (the one that inspired the title of this post) is now up on YouTube. Enjoy!


Michelle said...

How many people, do you think, read the title of this post and instantly thought of the commercial it comes from? I did, because I am a TV addict, and I happen to love that commercial.

Anonymous said...

We only saw it once but we thought it was really funny.