Wednesday, September 26, 2007

At Last!

Yes! Our big fancypants pro site is up and running!

Thank you so much for your feedback and ideas as we set this bad boy up. You guys are the best! Because you took the time to make suggestions, I want to respond to some of the comments you made and explain why we made some of the choices we did.

First, the main web address is

PLEASE NOTE: Our website is NOT, NOT, NOT located at m!lestone!, for reasons far to complicated and irritating to get into. That is not us. We are not that. We are .us! Dot Yoo Ess! US! Whee! (<---I've consumed a lot of caffeine for this project, can ya tell?)

Ahem. This link right here takes you to a joint splash page where you can choose "Weddings and Portraiture by Angie" or "Nature and Landscapes by Joel."

All your advice about not making people choose a photographer when they first get to the site was right on the money. But speaking of money... we wanted to save some. So we developed the website using a template with a dual portal option, which essentially gave us two fancypants sites for the price of one. Otherwise, we probably wouldn't have merged our work at all right now. Either way, I think it's pretty clear what you can expect from each of us, even if you do go to the joint splash page.

Which you don't have to do! Right now I'm advertised by word of mouth only. When someone inquires about a wedding/commitment ceremony/headshot/quinceanera/pet portrait session, I can cut and paste this link directly to my stuff, bypassing the joint splash page and any mention of Joel. Joel can do the same thing and direct you right to his work. (And if I do start to advertise online at theknot or similar, I can embed the link into the ad, so people click directly to me. It's not ideal, but it was worth it to save $600.)

Of course, I am counting on each and everyone of you to pimp me out to your friends and families (though no one beats Shannon in terms of pimping- one more booking and she gets a free toaster!). If you get confused about the whole dotcom vs .us thing (We're .us! That's us!), you can always send people here. They can then follow the shiny new links right there on the right, or you can give them my email address: MMMmm... pimpalicious.

Alright. Enough chatty-chatting. Go! See! Look! Listen! then come back and tell me if you like it. There are many, many photos there to see and enjoy. You may not have time to view them all, but a lot of you, your offspring, or your pets appear somewhere on the site in one or more galleries. Thanks for the feedback and support. You guys rock.


Michelle said...

I love love love the site. I didn't look at Joel's side of things yet, because I am REALLY tired, but I did want to tell you something before I forget...

The word "Blog" on the top right of the screen is cut off. I can see "BL" and half of the letter "O." Then, when you click on "Trash the Dress" or "Specialty," the names become bigger and they are in pink....those bigger versions of the words get cut off. You cna see "Trash the dr" and "Specia" when they are big and pink...I hope that makes sense...I assume you don't want your words cut off, so I thought I'd tell you :)

And, I would be giving you TONS of referrals because everyone at our wedding absolutely loved you and your work, but no one will get engaged already!

Chunky Photojournalist Barbie said...

Dude. Thanks for telling me. Can you tell me what browser you're using to view them?

Chunky Photojournalist Barbie said...


Mmm... I'm looking at the site even with an old Internet Explorer browser and it looks okay.

This might sound odd, but is your browser window as big as it can be? Is it possible the sliding bar on the bottom is all the over on the left?

Let's catch up soon! I want to hear all about your new job!

Lauri said...

Angie! Your new site is incredible!!! I'm so excited for you and Joel! What a fabulous idea. Ahh! And I have to say that I'm super excited that Mikey and I are in the engagement section...hehe :-) And it totally doesn't matter to me if they are passworded or not, whatever is easiest for you! Ahhh! I LOVE IT! :-)

Michelle said...

My browser is definitely all the way bars to move at the bottom of the screen. I even shrunk it and then made it large again and it still did the same thing. I am using Mozilla, so maybe that is why???

I will definitely call you this weekend :)

Jillian said...

LOVE, LOVE your site... Awesome work! I'm so excited for you guys!!!!!

shannon said...

Dude, I want that toaster. My designer just got engaged last weekend and today I may have mentioned I knew a photographer when he was to that point in wedding planning. I'm just saying. :)

Seriously, Angie and Joel, this is a seriously beautiful Web site filled with so many amazing images. I'm really proud of you both.

gwen said...

FancyPANTS! That is gorgeous and worth the hassle of the other night(s).

Two irritating copy editor comments:

Under Trash the Dress, should be "brides lying," not "brides laying."

Under Info and FAQ, there is a semi-colon that should be a comma after "intimate home weddings for $350." (Also, "Aloha! Count me in!" made me laugh.)

Alissa said...

Hey lady - Very nice! I've seen your photography work since Day 1, so I have seen many of these images many times over. Putting them in a gallery like this is like looking at them all for the first time again. It's beautiful. Really. Congratulations.

(on the Availability page, there's a typo in the word "families.")

Annie S. said...

THIS IS AMAZING, Angie - gorgeous and beyond, both your side and Joel's. You've turned me into a person who comments in all capital letters. Because THIS SITE IS SO AWESOME! I'm going to pimp you guys like MAD. CAPITAL LETTERS MAD.

Quick question, re: pimping. Can I put a photo of yours (with copyright info, etc.) on my blog in order to lure people to your wares? Or is that not so kosher? Let me know!

And have you ever photographed a bride on a rope swing? Cause it's kind of awesome, even with a crappy camera and a nontraditional dress...

Chunky Photojournalist Barbie said...

Thanks for the compliments, everyone. this little project is feeling signifcantly more worth the effort. Back when I was threatening to spurt blood from my eyeballs, I was less sure. :)

Liss, wow... You really have been following my work from the beginning. I never thought of it like that. Old friends are the best. (Now I have that Kellermann's song from Dirty Dancing in my head. Dammit.)

Annie, please pimp away. Let me know if you want me to email you an image to post on your blog. If you want to upload one from the CD I gave Aaron, feel free.

hefk said...

these images are breathtaking.

Kelly said...

Love it, love it, love it! You guys are awesome!