Thursday, September 21, 2006

Syracuse Flashback, Part II

(a poem, with educational links)

I think
I am radicalizing my lover

He is outraged to discover
Acts of injustice (I was protesting back in '98)

when I wore a button that said
"If you aren't outraged you aren't paying attention"
to the mall

Late at night the Daily Show
makes a crack about Hugo Chavez
and then I am preachingteachingreaching

for an old CD from my Marxist days
singer-songwriter activist-feminist
taking back the night
idol worship at the coffee shop

bet she's kicking ass these days
*Loading page*

In Memoriam, it says
"year-long battle"
"late stage ovarian cancer"
I can't believe she's gone

Who else would remember
Who else would care
Radical cheerleader vegan lost touch
less than a year after graduation

bet she's kicking ass these days
*Loading page*

Em!ly St!nnet
Services Coordinator
affordable housing non-profit agency
*email click*

But what I really want to know is,
is your hair still pink?

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