Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hi! Guess what?

Today is Distract and Entertain Cindy Day!

Cindy has been dying to learn the gender of her baby-on-the-way. She was supposed to find out today, but the ultrasound person at her OB/GYN couldn't come in for some reason. She has 48 more hours to wait. Help a weepy pregnant lady out. Please post some of your favorite websites that make you laugh, tell her a joke and/or de-lurk and introduce yourself in the comments section.

Let's see...
Cindy likes Project Runway and won't even have a new episode this week to make it through Wednesday night. Let's talk about the "Bringing Back Angela and Vincent Mindfuck Challenge." Personally? I figured Kane was on his way out anyway, but it was a shitty way to ultimately maintain the status quo for the designers still in the competition.

Also, Television Without Pitystopped recapping Bridezillas. What's up with that? Did you ever watch that show?

I'm also posting a photo that Lauren sent me from her "Emergency Smile File" after the Heartbreak. If you didn't grow up with or go to high school with Dosh JeBord (ahem, Gwen), it won't be nearly as funny to see him as a gay prancing reindeer.

And someone sent me this last week, which I found highly entertaining....

Finally... here is a picture of Fred when he was a baby. I had no idea that his cocoa puff-sized brain would never learn anything new from that day forward... FYI, his obsession this week is paper towel rolls. Will try to catch hilarious photo and post soon.

Hang in there, lady... Commenters, I'm counting on you!


Lauren said...

Gay prancing reindeer! I'm having a craptstic day at work (as evidenced by the fact that it's 8:37 p.m. and I'm still here), and that totally cracked me up. Again.

Hugs to Cindy.

shannon said...

Hugs to Cindy, indeed. Pulling the carpet of hope out from underneath a pregnant women is not nice at all.

A little retail therapy is in order, maybe?

cindy w said...

You are too sweet. But I didn't know that there was no new episode of PR this week, so there's something else for me to be bummed about. (I'll be ok, we just got season 2 of "Lost" on DVD.)

As for last week's episode: I will miss my dear, sweet Kayne. He reminded me of some of the super-bitchy gay Southern boys that I knew in college.

And good lord, bringing back Vincent and Angela was more torturous for the viewers than the other designers. Moreso with Vincent, though - I swear, if I had to hear one more time about something turning him on or getting him off... gah. Barf. I can't take the mental images.

Here's my own contribution to the joke comments:

Q: What's green and fuzzy, and if it falls out of a tree and lands on you, it'll kill you?

A: A pool table.

I know, it's dumb. But it made me laugh the first time I heard it.

Jillian said...


I know, nobody including me wants to think about winter. But this website where you can make your own snowflake is very cool and a good distraction for a little while! I'm slightly obsessed with it, as it's a good distraction to job hunting.

Hugs to Cindy- here's hoping that today flies by....

Chunky Photojournalist Barbie said...

Holy Guacamole that snowflake activity is fun! Addictive, definitely. The pool table joke made me laugh out loud, too.

I'm also going to send you to Storypeople.com. Alissa loves the Storypeople, and so do I. At first the Storypeople illustrations sort of creeped me out, but the quotes are so nice that I learned to love the drawings too. The "find a story for me" feature is kind of addictive.

Here's one called "Waiting for Signs" which seems apropos.

"I used to wait for a sign, she said, before I did anything. Then one night I had a dream & an angel in black tights came to me & said, you can start any time now, & then I asked is this a sign? & the angel started laughing & I woke up. Now, I think the whole world is filled with signs, but if there's no laughter, I know they're not for me." -Brian Andreas

And one about breast cancer. It's nice, not depressing. I know Jillian and Shannon, my favorite 3-Day walkers, will like it. If you buy a print or cards with this one, they donate to breast cancer research.

We're here to end it,
I said & she said, No,
we're here to begin it
& then she turned &
opened her arms
& everywhere I could see,
there were people,
like bright birds, calling
with a thousand voices
& suddenly I understood.

Here is where it begins.
With all of us, together
giving our daughters
a world worth loving
for a lifetime to come."

24 more hours (clap clap clapclapclap)

gwen said...

If you look at how much time I waste on the internet, you'd think I'd have lots of suggestions for good internet time-wasters... but I don't. Reading blogs, especially the archives, usually does me in.

But here is my all time favorite joke:

Two muffins are in the oven.

One turns to the other and says, "whew, it's hot in here!"

The other says, "Aaaaah! A talking muffin!"


Luke said...

Aww Fred was so cute. What happened?