Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Playing Catch Up

Oh, my poor, poor neglected blog...

First up, photos from the beach, including the hefk head pictures are right here. The whole business of taking a friend's head along on a trip amuses me probably more than it should, but I think they're very funny. Sorry for the long delay! :)

I went to see Stephen's shows up in Lenox, Mass. I was completely blown away. He- I don't even know- His skills are so different. It's always hard, when working in a creative field, to hear how much you've improved without feeling like you full-on sucked before. With that disclaimer, I couldn't believe how much stronger his skills are. His stage combat sequences are so good they're scary. (A little kid behind me started to cry during the Capulet Family Smackdown.)

We went to Six Flags, which was very fun, except that I always forget about the Annoying People Factor. We had plenty of interactions with Teenage Boys Who Think Spitting Is Cool and Scantily Clad Teenage Girls In Bikini Tops and Shorts That Say "Angel" On their Butts. Of course, these two categories frequently get stuck together and form Couples for Whom PDA Is Undeterred by Oppressive Humidity, which eventually produces Kids who Bounce Prize Basketballs in Line with No Regard for How Annoying that Sound Is (and No Sense of How Much Other People Want to Take the Balls and Hurl Them When They Continually Bounce into One's Ankles, Etc.)

We had a blast- love the lovely rollercoasters- except for the part where a kid spat on my foot. All in all, it was great to see Stephen and meet his castmates. Anyway, I need to hop in the shower. No more blogging hiatuses, I swear!

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