Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Esta noche! Telemundo presenta...¡Los Partidos Olimpicos!

Okay, WHAT is up with the NBC Oylmpic commentators this time around? Sheesh. Have they always been this obnoxious? The commentary is just annoying. They act like a silver medal is a tragedy for the U.S. They say things like, "this athlete's Olympic dreams of seven gold medals just faded away, like dust on an Athenian street." What?

True, the competition is fierce. America doesn't have a lock on everything, which makes it exciting. For men's swimming, in particular, swimmers from Australia, America and abroad are setting new world records. In the next heat, their primary competitors break them. Thorpe get a gold; Phelps get a silver. The next day, Phelps get a gold and Thorpe gets a silver. It's a real contest.

The athletes break an Olympic record, or an American record, or a world record (or a combination of all 3), they get their best time, they win a silver medal by hundredths of a second, and the commentators are like, "There will be a lot of heartbreak in the Olympic Village tonight." I've actually taken to watching the Olympics on Telemundo.

I've written a commentary analyzing the sexist double standard Alissa mentioned, but I've posted it Up On My Soapbox. I haven't posted anything there since I moved to leafygreen six months ago, so here we go! Michael Phelps is the male Amanda Beard...

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