Monday, August 18, 2003

So... yeah, long time, no post.

Everything has been moving so freakin' fast since I left, and then returned from, vacation. I had my first work evaluation, which went very well, although the jury is still out on the raise. Or, er, the judge? Yeah. We'll see. But I'm touched by the good things they said.

The black-out was pretty awful for me, actually. I was going to try and make it funny and write all about it, but you know? It was like, the worst night of my life. No Manhattan star-gazing, pool parties by torch/flashlight or ecological epiphanies for this girl. I have long since known we are plundering our energy sources, and it was just- miserable and scary.

Yeah, but all is back to normal. I'm feeling efficient and busy and tired. Mmm. Bed time!

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