Tuesday, June 10, 2003



You know that Ex that you hate yourself for dating? The one you thought was funny or "deep" and then, I don't know- they just turn out to be so annoying and awful you can't even be-LIEVE you dated them, even though you were young and dumb etc etc.

Stupid Mark has a website. I hate him. It is taking all of my willpower not to post his blog address here and encourage everyone I know to email him and mock him for being so completely overdramatic and stupid and homophobic and- AH. I usually don't read his site, because it makes me feel like a bad person. But I was reading a funny Vine entry on TomatoNation.com about this girl who is dating Happy Buddha Boy or something- and it was so freakin' funny, and Stupid Mark would totally go off and do things like Happy Buddha Boy, so I checked his blog- ARG. Must. Resist. Inner. Bitch.

It's absolutely hilarious. He talks about how a friend told him that gardening was "kinda gay" so he developed army lingo so he can blog about his garden in code. "Frost" is "Body Checking."

Alissa! ALISSA! :) Can I borrow the Willpower Stick? Quick!!!

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