Saturday, June 07, 2003

"After reaching the top, the pretend rodent issued a challenge to all who witnessed his feat. 'I knew I could do it—it was hard, yes, it's true. But if chipmunks can climb to the sky, so can YOU!' Chipper said, punctuating his message with a thumbs-up sign and a wink.......Gibson said that, with the exception of certain celebrities and politicians, statements like Chipper's are almost always made by talking animals, superheroes, omniscient narrators, anthropomorphic trains, wandering magicians, friendly dragons, sentient heavenly bodies, Jesus, and other characters subject only to the rules of narrative causality." -The Onion

If you once had a Dream that got kicked to the side of I-95 by the steel-tipped toe of the Jackboot of Bureaucratic Bullshit, and you asked the Person Voted Most Likely to Spend the Rest of His Life With You (who is always right) to beat you within an inch of your life if you EVER considered going after that dream any time in the near or distant future, and then, during the near future, someone unexpectedly scrapes that Dream off the sole of the Jackboot and considers letting you have it back, is Mr. Most Likely Right actually obligated to beat you?

What if you are both deeply opposed to domestic violence?

Does the phrase "potential member of White House Press Corps" change things? Discuss.


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