Tuesday, April 15, 2003

And we're back! Okay! Whee! Sorry... did you miss me? Thanks to Alissa for her faithful blogging; getting to read good, long funny entries without writing anything on mine gives me Blogger Guilt Hives. Ew.

Anyway, so basically I spent the last ten days or so fishing my relationship with Stephen out of the toilet and going home for funeral type events, which were not very fun. I delivered Aunt Mamie’s eulogy. We buried her with her red high heels. It was sad. I want to believe in all the Good Heaven Ideas that my family believes. I do. I want to believe what the priest said, about Aunt Mamie being happy in an Ideal Life Style Heaven working in an afterlife family beauty shop with my other deceased (beautician) relatives. It feels safe and fun and it is more comforting to me than sitting in a freezing cold mausoleum, listening to murmured responsorials and prayers and watching my breath puff in and out against my black cape. It was that cold. Yeah…. I wish I believed in the Family Circle (cartoon) style Heaven, where Grandpa sits on the bed next to Grandma when she looks through the old photo albums, but I don’t think I do.

On a happier note, Stephen just came here for a few days to Sort Things Out. This is the second time we have had the “Do or Die” conversation and went running back to “Do.” That was scary. Not doin’ that EVER. AGAIN. I hope. J

What else? Work is work. I alternate between never having enough time and feeling lazy. I think it’s the weather. It makes me feel like laying on a blanket making daisy chains (Hi Jo!) and going to state parks with lakes. I will be in Lancaster this coming weekend for Easter. The cat and dog will both be there as I have to set off bug bombs to eliminate this freaky gnat problem I can’t seem to kill with Raid alone (shudder)… Anyway, with my parents having a new puppy, this may be the last time Fred comes home for a while, depending on how they get along, so those of you who have yet to meet him should come by. J Gunner is very cute and wiggly and barky. I’m just afraid Fred will be hissy and pointy as a result….

I am actually very much looking forward to seeing Old Friends. Jason, are you gonna be around?

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