Thursday, March 13, 2003

My cat got a bath today. This was the first time I actually stuck him in the bath under the spigot. (I love the word spigot.) Usually he just gets a rub-down with a Kitty Bath towel, but he has been a little "not so fresh" lately, (Smelly Caaaat, SMELL-y cat...) so after Bella got her bath, I stuck him in the bath, too. Secretly, I think he enjoyed it. There was a lot of pathetic yowling, but he didn't draw blood, which is unusual for Fred. (Trimming his nails is an invitation to buy stock in the pharmecuetical company that makes Bactine.)

Bella, on the other hand, (as I just IM-ed to Alissa) is probably on my cell phone even as we speak, trying to get Kelly to come take her away from me, the Evil Owner Who Gave Her a Bath. :)

In other pet-related news, my parents got a puppy. He is a black labrador retriever named Gunner. He sounds pretty cute, and they're having a ball. (Liss, if you want to officially convert yourself to Dog Person status, you and Gwen should stop by my parents to see him... Nothing will push you over the end like a pudgy puppy whose paws are still too bad for his proportions)

Hmmm..... MUST. GO. DO TAXES. And shower.... 2:42 p.m. and still in pjs.

Midweek weekend, tra la la la laaaaaaa!

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