Sunday, March 30, 2003

Hmm..... My body is very pleased with me at the moment. I had three days off, got lots of sleep, had a professional massage and a lot positive experiences with the visiting boyfriend. (I'll spare you.)

I also had the great fortune to encounter Girl Scout Cookies in a gas station. The owner of the gas station was selling them as a favor to her local troop. No one ever tries to sell me Girl Scout cookies anymore, and I really, really like them. I really thought I missed my opportunity this year, but now I have Trefoils, Do-Si-Dos and Tag-Alongs. Yummy! I am going to freeze some, because I sort of bought too many in my excitement, I think.

HHS Band Alumni, sing with me now- "I walk around in February sayin' 'HOW 'BOUT THESE COOKIES!!!' I'm a Girl Scou-ee-ow-ee-out-ee-out-ee-out-ee-out-ee-out! I'm a Girl Scou-ee-ow-ee-out-ee-out-ee-out-ee-out-ee-out! G. I-R. L- S. C-O-U-T. Sayin' G. I-R. L- S. C-O-U-T. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Somewhere, Dennis Leary is twitching. Sigh....

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