Thursday, September 19, 2002

Hi... (to be read in stuffy, sad Eyore voice)

Nah, actually, the cold is much better. I worked today, as I am no longer feeling too crappy to be among people. Oh, and I'm poor.

I'm still a little sniffly and hoarse, but I'm out of the Elaine Stritch in Sondheim's "Company" Zone. Yay! I have to say, though, once again, Sars, featured in the "Laughing...." section, see below, has made me laugh so hard I went temporarily deaf until another round of Dayquil kicked in. She, too, apparently has a cold, (those crazy TV w/out Pity people!), and posted "101 Ways To Pass The Time When You Have A Cold (That whole "praying for death" thing is implied)" - parentheses hers- including :

#48-52- Cough some more. Cough again. Continue coughing. Stop coughing, but keep pretending to cough because one of the cats is trying to sleep on your stomach, and it's fun to watch him sproing around. Inspect claw marks on stomach.

#96 Worry about the meaning of a fever dream in which you chased a top-hat-wearing strawberry through the halls of your elementary school.

#99 Hate everyone on TV because none of them has a cold."

I didn't actually have a fever dream about a top-hat wearing strawberry, but I *did* dream I was 8 months pregnant, (impossible), in Miami, alone, and my parents' health insurance wouldn't cover the baby, so I asked the Merald for a job and a raise, they said no, and then my landlord wanted to evict me for not mopping the linoleum, (don't have any lineoleum). In my dream, I met a girl who was in the same situation, but her daughter was a month old and they were making it work, and she asked me if I wanted to see her baby, and I did, but the baby turned out to be a tiny white and black tiger cub.

So, yeah... Fever Dream. Creepy.

And actually, that's it. Things are rather boring for once. Boring is good. I like boring. :)

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