Saturday, October 02, 2010

Not So Bad

So after getting sucked into a Vortex of Grumpiness last weekend, I decided to drive to PA for an impromptu trip to Andrea's. She's a work-at-home mom, so having a random Sunday night sleepover (complete with 80s candy and ridiculous Tiger Beat and Bop! "magazines") isn't out of the question. I got to meet her new baby-

finally! yay!- and made myself oh-so-popular with Lucy, now 3, with a set of Lee press-on nails and fancy decals.

She is witty and funny and verbose these days- it's pretty impressive, actually, when she busts out with words like "periodontist"- and such a sweet big sister.

I would show you our photo series titled "Team Jacob vs. Team Edward" with centerfolds taken from the ridiculous magazines, but Andrea made me swear not to post them since she's not wearing makeup. I'm not even tempted to go back on my word since I look like Jabba the Pale Beluga Whale, so you'll have to use your imagination. Here's my favorite shot of Lucy instead.

It occurred to me, however, that the teeny-bopper fan magazines haven't changed at all since I got sick of them at age 11. The articles, quizzes and "dating tips" are exactly the same. The invention of the Find/Replace function must have been like the Holy Grail for this publication, because seriously? You could Find/Replace all the way from "Donny Osment" to "Davy Jones" to "Donny Wahlberg" to "Justin Beiber" or swap "The New Kids on the Block" to "the Hansons" to "the Jonas Brothers" and absolutely no other content would need to change. It's spooky.

I also got to go out to dinner with Alissa and Todd, which was a spontaneous development as well. Note to self: be spontaneous more often. Anyway, I'm all cozied up in a king-sized bed at the B&B where I'm shooting a wedding tomorrow, courtesy of the brides. Not a bad way to spend my working weekend, I'll say that much. Night! :)

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