Saturday, May 08, 2010

New Names

Joel and I are punchy. We have given everyone in the house new names. Guess who is who.

1.) Stinky McHotDog Burp
2.) Weirdo von Snfifenhausen (insert your own umlaut somewhere)
3.) Trippy McHazzardkat
4.) Waggy O'Winkybutt
5.) Grievy MacGonnaYell

Punchy. Punchy. Puncheeeeeeeeeeeeee

P.S. Seriously, Joel's mom was *one click* away from getting a floral delivery card signed by Stinky McHotDog Burp. It didn't happen. But it could have.

P.P.S. This post has been brought to you in honor of my nephew dog, Herr Prancy das NoBeSadMacher.

1 comment:

Alissa said...

1. Joel
2. Fred
3. Ollie
4. Bella
5. You
6. Jackson

? I'm not 100% sure. :)