Friday, January 22, 2010

Leap of Faith

I am on the verge of making a huge leap of faith. I've made big leaps of faith before, and it's always been okay. I have A Plan, and a Backup Plan, and Date Upon Which I Will Make A Decision and yet... I'm still really scared, like "pace around the kitchen flailing my arms around in the air" scared.

Share with me in the comments. What has been your biggest leap of faith, especially professionally? When did you know it was time to jump? Have you ever regretted taking a risk? Have you ever been faced with a leap of faith, but ultimately decided to stay in your comfort zone? Was that good or bad for you? Also, do you have a crystal ball? May I borrow it?


cindy w said...

One big leap of faith: accepting a job in Massachusetts, where I knew exactly zero people. Did it work out? Eh, not really. I was absolutely miserable there. But that's the job that eventually paid my relocation expenses to transfer me to their Seattle office, so yes, I'd say that it worked out in kind of a roundabout way.

Lauren said...

I recently left the university where I'd been working for the past decade to move back to PA and work at...okay, so it's also a university. (But a different one!) The move meant giving up my entire professional network and support system in Boston, which felt like a risk. But I'm a little over 6 months in, and so far, so good.

P.S. Gimme a call if you want me to read your cards. xoxo

Jillian said...

When you find that crystal ball, can you send it my way?

Leap of faith. I'm getting good at these personally! But professionally, I took a leap of faith changing careers, and while i don't make the money I used to, and I don't have the perfect job, I am MUCH MUCH MUCH happier.

You will succeed at whatever you do. You have an incredible ability to get what needs to be done, done and a great work ethic. You will do wonderfully, no matter what you are doing.

We should catch up this weekend!