Saturday, November 07, 2009

Sneak Preview: Jack

Last weekend, I got to do a mini-session here with sweet baby Jack and his mom and dad who wanted to get some nice photos for their holiday card. Jennifer really wanted to capture the autumn colors and shoot in Central Park. I was totally psyched about this until we realized that it was Marathon Sunday in New York. And the finish line is in Central Park. And Bethesda Terrace, where we wanted to shoot, was about 100 yards from Tavern on the Green. Which is where the runners collapse and get their shiny foil blankets at the end. Nothing says "Greetings from our family to yours in this season of comfort and joy!" like 35,000 euphoric sweaty people in short shorts discovering that their toenails fell off back at mile 22. Awesome!

So they braved the detours and the GWB to come up to the new house to shoot! As it turns out, nothing motivates me to finish actually finish unpacking the studio gear like someone booking a session. Woo hoo! Here are a few of my favorites...

The jaunty, pointed hoodie is my favorite. :) Thanks for driving to Rockland, you guys! I PROMISE we'll get to shoot in Central Park someday.

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