Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sneak Preview: Jennifer and Ken

This past weekend I photographed an awesome summer camp theme wedding for Jen and Ken in New Hampshire! They got married at a YMCA camp where Jenny was a camper and eventually an arts and crafts instructor. A lot of the guests- me included!- stayed in cabins, had campfires every night and pulled together the Ultimate Do-It- Yourself wedding. All the details you see here from the cake to the hanging lanterns to the bouquet were pulled together by the bride, her friends and family.

Speaking of canoes, check out the ice canoe at cocktail hour! Love it!

Congratulations, you guys! Thanks for all the s'mores! :)


Jenny said...


SO EXCITED!!!!!! :)

Lesley said...

Ahh I love these!!

Carol said...

Meeeeee tooooo!! This was fast and totally unexpected. I just wandered over here to get Angela's contact info for someone, lol.
Great sneak preview!

babyjenks said...

these were wonderful! it looks like it went beautifully!

Andrea Petrille said...

I'm totally into the ice canoe!!! And that cake looks absolutely amazing! Great job, Angie! I really like the wide shots of the reception where you can see all the lanterns and lights on that cool ceiling!