Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Oh, the irony.

On our last day in Hawaii, we stopped at Rainbow Falls, these amazing sacred waterfalls on the big island where King Kamehameha is said to have buried the bones of his father.

As we were watching, a group of teenage boys showed up. They were very, very obviously daring each other to jump off the rocks into the raging water. Joel and I were pretty sure that if they did, they were going to die.

For real, this kid.

Does this not look like bone-crushing waterflow to you?!?!

Anyway, good sense prevailed and after a few displays of machismo, they boys moved on without, you know, death. One of them stopped to take a leak, which was CLASSY. Note to self: if you pee in the woods, remember: a nature photographer with a 400 mm telephoto lens can probably see you. I'll spare you the pee photos, HOWEVER... Our next stop was PeePee Falls.

Oh, the irony.

But also? Today was my first day back at work. You know what I had to cover? Search and rescue teams scouring the Croton River for the body of a young man who was- wait for it, wait for it- jumping off rocks with his friends into a river. Such a waste.

Be safe, gentle readers. Don't jump off rocks. KTHANXBAI


michelle said...

Such great pics, as usual :) Someday you will have to post all your Hawaii pics for us blog readers :)

Chunky Photojournalist Barbie said...

All part of the master game plan, m'lady. It's on the To Do list, I swear.

Cara said...

I'll bring back hurricane photos. We leave tomorrow for the Big Island and hurricane/tropical depression/vacation spoiler Felicia. Woot! :-)

Joel said...

Do something we didn't. Hike Kilauea Iki!