Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Who wants to win $100 gift certificate?

Come on! You know you do! I'm running a little contest over at Untangling Photography. All you have to do is take a photograph of a famous landmark that depicts this visual icon in a way you've never seen it photographed before.

If you live near the Seattle Space Needle, for instance, go take a picture of it that's very different from the way it's typically depicted on postcards. If you don't live near a famous landmark, you can either pull one from your vacation archives or enter your unique photograph of a very familiar object (a light house, a church steeple, a water tower) instead.

You have ten days to email me your image. A winner will be chosen at random to receive a $100 gift certificate to either B&H, the mother of all camera stores in New York, or if you so choose, to Future Shop in Canada. B&H also carries every imaginable computer and printer accessory. Christmas is coming.... You know you want it! And you know you don't me me to be all "crumbly mumble weepies no one entered because no one likes meeeee... wah" either. Right? Riiiiight. ;)


Cara said...

I would love to take a good picture of the Space Needle. Unfortunately, I am terrible at taking photos. How about a crappy photo? Do I get a $1 gift certificate for the effort? :-)

shannon said...

Unless you want to give me a gift certificate for taking pictures of the grunting baby, I'm probably out this time around. :)
Next time, make it a "photos of grunting babies" contest, okay?

Chunky Photojournalist Barbie said...

You got it! Grunting babies it is. ;)