Sunday, June 01, 2008

Because I know a lot of people trying to buy and sell houses...

Okay, so I know I keep posting videos from BBC 3's Man Stroke Woman sketch comedy show, but I was watching a few more, and this one just KILLED me. Cindy and Kelly, this is for you. Keeping my fingers crossed for the Open Houses you have scheduled this weekend

Here's hoping that no demonic clowns or masses of malevolent energy manifest themselves today!


cindy w said...

That was hilarious, thank you. I liked, "Only if you look at it, don't ever look at it!"

Man, by comparison, our place is a steal. What's an occasional coyote or two compared a dead clown staring through your window?

Kelly said...

Bwah ha ha ha ha! We definitely look good by comparison. Nobody would notice the occasional homeless guy digging thru the recycling bin on trash day b/c they'd be too focused on the very scary clown. Hee!