Saturday, July 10, 2004

Go, papayas! Go, go, papayas! P-A-P-A-Y-A-S! Go, papayas!

I can't tear my eyes away from Girls vs. Boys: Hawaii. Resident Destructo-Kitty (Fred) knocked a glass of water over onto the remote this morning, and I can't change the channel off the-N. You know, unless I stood up, walked into the other room and fetched the other remote. Or changed the channel manually.

Basically, it's a reality game show crafted to appeal to tweens. The participants are youngish (16-and-under) teens who share a house in Hawaii and compete in contests for a $10,000 (split three ways) and a "Back to School Wardrobe from Aeropostale."

In this episode, which I have now seen twice, two teammates have to run around a papaya grove, tied together by an 8-foot rope, and knock painted papayas out of trees with a long metal stick. The third teammate gives them directions over headsets from a helicopter, directing them to the special painted papaya trees, because you can't see the painted papayas from the ground.

In early Real World fashion, the producers have picked relatively normal people and throw in a very dislikable person. The boys are currently losing, but they seem to be getting along fairly well. The girls are winning, but unfortunately, they have the Wild Card Participant, a scary girl from Texas with a serious need for drama.

Papayas aside, the best part of the show takes place right after the girls lose a competition that involved eating spam and then making a tower out of it with chunks they retrieve from the ocean. Who sits around thinking, "I know! We'll tie bags of spam to buoys!" But hey- I'm watching it, so who am I to cast aspersions? Anyway, Drama Queen couldn't/wouldn't eat any of the spam, and they lost that particular challenge. Still though, with apologies to TwoP Kim's "Most Awesome Thing I Saw on TV Last Week," the footage of Drama Queen running around on the beach with racoon mascara shrieking "OKAY! So I couldn't eat it! I COULDN'T EAT IT!!!!!!" is, well, Most Awesome Thing I Saw on TV this week.

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