Wednesday, November 13, 2002

I keep telling my mom and dad that I'm not dead, despite their frantic assumptions that I've kicked the bucket if I don't check in every few days, and I keep telling them to check the weblog for proof. Guess I shouldn't go six days without blogging in that case. :)

Jason is here! Rah! We went out for drinks and live jazz the other night. V. Fun. I highly suggest that everyone come visit Hysterical White Girl's Apartment o' Tropical Fun this winter as I am not going anywhere any time soon.

The job in MN, which I found out I would have been offered, was eliminated in a last minute round of budget cutting at that particular paper. Boo. So, I'm not moving to the frozen tundra of the Midwest to become Hypothermic White Girl any time soon. Oh, crap.

Although I did FedEx two portfolios to New Mexico yesterday, one to a big, good paper in Albuquerque and one to a very small paper in Santa Fe, which I hear is an amazing, artistic city with lots of mountains and white water rafting and beautiful desert nearby, which would be cool for shooting and entertaining myself on my days off, provided I don’t get stuck between a raft and a hard place. Literally.

I’m not getting my hopes up, but one of my editors said one of the papers called to check my references already. Checking references within what had to be a few hours of receiving it as she told me this around 4 p.m. which means it was 2 p.m. there and I dropped it in the FedEx box with a pickup time of 6 p.m. last night in Coral Gables has to be good thing, right? They haven't called me, so... No kinna hurra, I’m just sayin’.

However, I did get an- um- "interesting" phone call yesterday from the production company who makes the seedy video "Gurls Gone Wyld." (No google links to me with the proper spelling of this video, thanks) I'm sure you've all seen the infomerical on any cable network after 10 p.m. The one with the women lifting up their shirts at Mardi Gras, Spring break and so on, you know? They are filming in clubs in Miami tomorrow night, and they wanted me to document the "Behind the Scenes" work of the film crew and photograph the CEO.

I didn’t catch the name of the production company at first, and so I was taking this guy through all the usual new client inquiry stuff- What are your needs? How long would you be needing me to shoot? Do you prefer film or digital? Do you plan to use this for commercial purposes or inhouse use for the company? Blah blah blah....

When I finally realized who they were and what they wanted- mostly because he finally admitted *which* publications” they were planning to send the photos to, including “Tongue” magazine. I do NOT want to know. I DO NOT- I was like, “Um, will there be... girls... (MUST. BE. POLITE.) going wild there?”

And he said, “(seedy laughy chortle) Heh, heh. You into that?”
Me: “Um, NO, actually, gosh, I really hate to turn down work, but I have to tell you that the whole idea behind Gurls Gone Wyld really... um (at this point, I’m trying to think of the most politic word I can think of, which eliminated “disgust,” “repulse,” “offend,” and “outrage”) SCARES me, actually.

So I politely bowed out, cheerfully ending the conversation with, “However, if you or any colleagues in film production ever need anyone to photograph anything in the Miami area where people are keeping their clothes on, please don’t hesitate inquire!”

YIKES. Am poor, but I still have values. :)

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